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For over 150 years, the Charles V. Schaefer, Jr. School of Engineering & Science has educated and trained generations of technology-focused leaders. Now it's your turn.

Our online, master’s, and Ph.D. programs combine solid theoretical knowledge with practical experience in a student-centric environment. Our expert faculty mentor you with the professional skills you need to succeed in evolving industries.

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Dual-Degree MBA Programs

Regardless of your career plans beyond completion of your technical master’s degree, you will at some point be working for or with a business — whether the Fortune 500, a small startup or your own venture. Getting your MBA can add value to your technical expertise and open new doors to a career in upper-level management.

The Stevens MBA rounds out your technical skills by teaching you to speak the “language of business” — marketing, finance, accounting, operations and strategy — so that you better understand how your work contributes to the growth of the enterprise and can communicate with, and advocate for, professionals across the business.

Courses in leader development, creative collaboration and business analytics will prepare you to become a change agent whose scientific and business perspectives make you an invaluable problem solver. Upon graduating with a dual degree from Stevens, you’ll be able to translate advanced technical ideas into smart business recommendations that C-level executives can understand and get behind.

How it works

The dual degree program allows you to earn two graduate degrees in two years, and includes time during the summer to pursue an internship, if desired. Through this program, you complete both degrees with just 57 credits, instead of the 78 that would otherwise be required.

Students enrolled in one of the graduate degree programs below may apply to the Stevens MBA at any time during their studies. However, it is strongly advised that you apply before taking elective or concentration courses, as your degree can be structured to allow those courses to count toward your MBA.

Contact the MBA program director to learn more about how the process works.

Dual Degree Programs

For more information about individual programs, visit the program page below. For specific information about the MBA portion of the dual degree, visit the Stevens School of Business.

Graduate Certificate Programs

Designed for Busy Professionals

Whether you’re looking to quickly build skills in your current industry or gain skills to transition to a new field, Stevens has an array of graduate certificate available. Graduate certificates in engineering and science are generally four course, 12 credit programs for students who:

  • Are interested in improving their current skills

  • Are considering new career paths within industry

  • Have been out of school for sometime, and want to resume their studies without committing to a full 30 credit master's degree program

  • Already hold an advanced degree, but wish to continue their studies in a new or related area

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Graduate Certificates

The Schaefer School offers graduate certificates for working professionals who want to increase their industry knowledge and take their career to the next level, with courses delivered both on-campus and online through Stevens award-winning WebCampus. Certificate curriculums generally provide instruction with a particular research or professional focus. In most instances, credits earned in a graduate certificate can be applied toward a master's degree. The School of Engineering and Science offers the following online graduate certificate programs:

Professional Degree Programs

Advance your post-graduate education – and your career – with a professional engineer degree in one of these areas of study.

The professional engineer degree advances the training and education received in a master's program and provides modern education for engineers who's engineering degrees are not current.

How it Works

The professional engineer degree designates completion of a program of studies at the graduate level beyond the master's degree in scope, but with an overall objective. You will be required to apply the subject matter acquired in formal graduate courses to a problem more consistent with one they are likely to encounter as a practicing engineer. Work on this problem in the form of an independent project will constitute a substantial part of the overall program of study. Specifically, it may be a design project, a process evaluation, or an engineering feasibility study involving economic, social, and managerial aspects.  

For more information about professional engineer degree programs, contact the Office of Graduate Admissions.

Contact Graduate Admissions >

Online Graduate Programs

The School of Engineering & Science prepares the next generation of technology leaders by offering a multi-disciplinary, design-based education. We offer a number of premier degree programs entirely online. Our online graduate engineering programs are consistently ranked in the top 25 and our online information technology programs are in the top 10, as determined by U.S. News and World Report. Both program areas are ranked #1 in the state of New Jersey.

Stevens Online offers a number of online master's programs and certificates. See the full list using the button below.

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Doctoral Programs

The School of Engineering and Science Ph.D. programs combine solid theoretical knowledge with practical experience in a collaborative, student-centric environment. As a doctoral student at Stevens, you'll be able to work with some of the brightest minds in your field pursuing groundbreaking research that has the potential to change the world.

Visit Graduate Admissions

Questions? Visit the Graduate Admissions webpage. Ready to take the next step? Apply below.

Interdisciplinary Programs

The challenges facing today's scientists and engineers often exist at the intersection between various disciplines–whether between engineering and science or fields within individual disciplines. At Stevens, engineering and science come together under one roof, fostering a proactive, interdisciplinary environment that encourages results-driven collaboration and unique, innovative problem solving.

Interdisciplinary Master's & Ph.D. Programs

In addition to traditional programs in single disciplines offered by each of our departments, Stevens offers options for interdisciplinary study between departments which allows students to pursue a degree program that bridges multiple disciplines and addresses the increasingly cross-cutting nature of research and industry. 

The interdisciplinary master's and Ph.D. programs at Stevens take advantage of the collaborative environment, complementary educational offerings and research opportunities across disciplines and departments. In these programs, you will work with a faculty advisor from your selected home department to design an approved plan of interdisciplinary study.

Available Interdisciplinary Programs:

  • Interdisciplinary Master of Engineering Degree

  • Interdisciplinary Master of Science Degree

  • Interdisciplinary Engineering Doctoral Degree

  • Interdisciplinary Science Degree

Optional Concentration


The interdisciplinary master's and Ph.D. programs allows you to designate a concentration in nanotechnology in a vibrant interdisciplinary environment for stimulating and cross-fertilizing educational training.

How it Works

Any student who wishes to enter an interdisciplinary program needs to obtain the consent of the participating departments and the subsequent approval of the Dean of Graduate Studies. You will follow a study plan designed by your faculty advisor. In particular, you must declare which department will be the home department (i.e., the department where the majority of courses is being taken), and arrange for written consent of advisors in both departments involved. You will be granted official candidacy in the program upon successful completion of a qualifying exam that will be administered according to the applicable guidelines of the Office of Graduate Admissions. All policies of the Office of Graduate Admissions that govern the credit and thesis requirements apply to students enrolled in this interdisciplinary program. If this interests you, you should follow the normal graduate application procedures through the Dean of Academic Administration.

For more information about the interdisciplinary master's or Ph.D. programs, contact the Office of Graduate Admissions.

International Students

The inviting educational environment at the Schaefer School of Engineering and Science is a home away from home for international graduate students. International students from more than 60 countries are welcomed not only by the Stevens campus community, but also by the city of Hoboken, our charming home city that is just minutes from all that New York City has to offer.

Research scientist Tsengming (Alex) Chou and professor Matthew Libera with the Philips CM20 field-emission transmission electron microscope. CREDIT: Stevens

An expanding worldwide network of research, academic and alumni partners circles the globe and includes productive partnerships with international universities and institutions reflecting a culture that celebrates and embraces diversity.

Our partnership with Tsinghua University in China facilitates cooperative research and the exchange of students and training initiatives. It offers exciting opportunities to School of Engineering and Science students, including co-Ph.D. programs and dual M.S. degrees in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and deep learning. As an international student, you’ll study with and be mentored by distinguished professors, who are scholars, researchers and experts in a number of federally designated STEM degree programs.

I remember the first day I attended Stevens. I didn’t know how a professor here would think or explain concepts, but my thesis advisor was very patient. I grew a lot because of him.” –Pei-Kang Sun Ph.D. Chemical Engineering

Graduate student societies within each department foster collaborative student relationships. Robust student affairs and networking opportunities are designed to help you adjust and thrive, while a school focus on your career development offers a pathway to U.S. work experience.

Full-time international students with F-1 immigration status are eligible for work authorization through federal Optional Practical Training (OPT) or Curricular Practical Training (CPT) benefits that lead to work experience directly related to academic areas of study. Additional employment opportunities include internships and Cooperative Education.

Academic Advising

The School of Engineering and Science offers student-centric academic academic advising and study planning, and access to academic resources to ensure graduate success.

Graduate academic advisors in the Schaefer School are committed to the holistic success of each graduate student; promoting academic, professional, and personal success.

View the current Stevens Academic Catalog >

Schedule an Advising Appointment

Find the advisor for your department below to schedule your advising appointment. Please include your CWID and major in the subject line.

Advising Team Member


Amy Mattare

Academic Advisor


McLean 108C

Biomedical Engineering

Jeffrey Lam

Academic Advisor


McLean 501

Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Brenetta Isaacs

Academic Advisor


McLean 103A

Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Rita Alvarado

Academic Advisor


Davidson Lab 200A

Civil, Environmental and Ocean Engineering

Jannine Cucchiara

Academic Advisor


Gateway Center South 453

Computer Science

Jennifer Lebron

Academic Advisor


Gateway Center South 453

Computer Science

Nina Cheung

Academic Advisor


Burchard 210

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Mary Bilali

Academic Advisor

North 305

Mathematical Sciences

Leonid Shnayder

Academic Advisor


Carnegie Laboratory 303

Mechanical Engineering – Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Kristen Martinez

Academic Advisor


Burchard 713A