Campus Safety

The safety and welfare of our students is a top priority and Stevens helps to ensure this with a tight-knit community and strong team effort. From our caring staff members to campus police to fellow students, Stevens works hard to keep our campus safe. The result? The Stevens campus has been recognized as the safest campus in New Jersey and one of the safest colleges in the nation.

Campus Police

The Stevens Police Department not only patrols campus 24/7, but also leads safety training and prevention programs for students. 

Our highly experienced Stevens Police Department, a 24/7 operation stationed right on campus, keeps our students safe by regularly patrolling the campus, as well as off-campus housing. The Stevens Police Department maintains a very close relationship with the Hoboken Police Department. In fact, several Stevens police officers formerly worked with the HPD or worked closely with them in prior law enforcement positions. 

Additionally, the department offers safety training and crime prevention programs for students that begin at freshman orientation and are held throughout the year. Topics have included “Do’s and Don’ts” of campus safety; preventing sexual assault; cyber harassment and crime; combating bicycle thefts; even how to change a tire. Stevens makes a true community effort, with the Offices of Student Life and Residence Life and trained resident assistants (RAs), to get to know students and form strong relationships and trust.

2023 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report

Learn more about campus wide safety and security initiative in our annual report. It details information about safety programs for students, crime reporting procedures and on-campus crime statistics.

2023 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report

Stevens Institute of Technology is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Providing a safe environment for our students while they enjoy their college experience and all the wonderful opportunities that go along with college campus living and learning is our top priority. For fire and safety information, please read our Annual Fire & Safety Report.

2023 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report
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Title IX

Stevens is committed to equality of opportunity and creating a campus climate that supports, nurtures and rewards educational and career advancement on the basis of ability and performance.

Title IX Information

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits discrimination based on sex in educational programs and activities that receive federal financial assistance. Sex discrimination under Title IX includes sexual harassment and sexual violence by employees, students or third parties. Please click to learn more about Title IX, review the Steven Policy on Gender-Based and Sexual Misconduct and learn more about the numerous programs, events and campaigns that promote a safe and supportive environment at Stevens.

Title IX
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