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New skill sets are emerging quickly and the next generation of business leaders needs to be better prepared. That's why you'll love it at Stevens.

You grew up surrounded by technology and its endless potential to enable discovery, creativity, entrepreneurship and connectivity. That sense of possibility is what the School of Business is all about. Whether your goal is to be a game-changer at a Fortune 500 company or to develop your entrepreneurial passion, our Hoboken, NJ, campus is where you'll find the inspiration you seek. You'll learn from professors whose research has created real innovation in the business world, and you'll be supported by your peers, whose enthusiasm and dedication will push you to excel.

Need more inspiration? Our panoramic overlook of New York City is breathtaking, but it's more than just a view. Recruiters, executives, entrepreneurs, alumni and other distinguished guests regularly cross the river to meet our students and understand the unique perspectives they bring to problem-solving — an important driver of the career success our graduates enjoy. And it's just a 10-minute train ride to the cultural capital of the Big Apple, so whether your passion is sports, music, museums, arts, theater or dining, you'll find it close by.

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Undergraduate Majors

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Accounting & Analytics

The Accounting & Analytics (A&A) major emphasizes the large and growing role analytics plays in accounting industry. Students are taught the business and accounting fundamentals alongside the data analysis techniques demanded by employers.

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Business & Technology

The Business & Technology major infuses technology and analytics into a broad and flexible management education, empowering students to immediately create impact in any industry. Students graduate with a thorough understanding of how technology can be leveraged to think differently about problems and opportunities in any industry.

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The Economics major is aligned to the rigorous guidelines set by the American Economic Association in logical problem solving, data analysis, and compelling speech and writing. Graduates are prepared to leverage their understanding of the global economics picture and data analysis techniques to excel in economics, banking or finance.

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The Finance major has been accepted into the CFA Institute University Affiliation Program. Universities with this recognition incorporate at least 70 percent of the CFA Candidate Body of Knowledge (CBOK), making graduates well positioned to sit for the CFA exams.

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Information Systems

Students in the Information Systems major will develop new computer science and programming talents and learn to build and deploy technologies like mobile apps. Students will also refine a core set of business and communication skills to work effectively in teams and make smart strategic recommendations to managers and executives.

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The Management major prepares students with a broad business and technology skills set along with project and people management skills. Management students will learn analytical decision making and to think like a fast-moving entrepreneur.

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Marketing Innovation & Analytics

Students who major in Marketing Innovation & Analytics graduate able to bring a results-driven, creative approach to traditional and new media campaigns, and will understand how to apply analytical methods to track and ensure success.

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Quantitative Finance

Quantitative Finance graduates are able to manage financial assets and risk for firms on Wall Street and beyond, ranging from risk management, to investment banking, to financial modeling. Students become experts at using the unique tools of the trade in our high-tech financial systems lab, and will get Bloomberg certification as a freshman.

Enhancing Your Degree

SUCCESS – The Stevens Core Curriculum

Designed to future-proof your education, SUCCESS ensures that you are comprehensively prepared, educationally resilient, technologically savvy and equipped with the knowledge and entrepreneurial skills required to succeed in the digital economy. It is required for all undergraduates entering in Fall 2024 and beyond.

Undergraduate Minors

The School of Business offers Stevens undergraduate students a variety of business minors designed to help them further diversify their studies, and to complement the technical and arts learning offered in the university's other schools. These minors also are available to students pursuing a business major who are interested in exploring another potential field of professional interest.

Accelerated Master's Program (AMP)

The Accelerated Master's Program (AMP) enables high-achieving School of Business students to earn a Master's degree faster. As a currently enrolled School of Business student, you can start earning credits toward a graduate degree during your undergraduate studies, enabling you to earn both a bachelor's and master's degree in as few as five years.

How to Apply

Are you a currently-enrolled student interested in the Accelerated Master's Program? Visit the AMP Program Stevens Hub page for more information.

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Meet Our Alumni

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"I knew a degree in Business & Technology would always be in demand," Shelia says. Her degree prepared her for a high-profile role at Morgan Stanley.

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Stevens is where Marques – better known as MKBHD – truly began building a YouTube empire that would make him a top tech influencer.

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When her clients get nervous about digital transformation, Carolyn uses her Stevens lessons to help them create a smart strategy.