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​Technology is a relative latecomer to finance, but its disruptive impact is every bit as pronounced.

That’s why this is a great place to study finance. Stevens gives you the tools to succeed by bringing nearby Wall Street to the classroom, for both recruiting and real-world perspective, and courses effectively demonstrate how the leaders of tomorrow will need to think about technology in order to get ahead. Students in the Finance program develop the skills needed to pursue careers at financial institutions, in government or in the finance departments at large employers. Upon graduation, many students quickly find work as financial analysts, consultants and valuation analysts, among others.

A student speaking behind a computerGraduates of finance programs at Stevens join a rich alumni network of like-minded professionals in this industry.

The Stevens Finance major has been accepted into the CFA Institute University Affiliation Program. Universities with this recognition incorporate at least 70 percent of the CFA Candidate Body of Knowledge (CBOK), making them well positioned to sit for the CFA exams.

Uniquely Stevens

It's hard to imagine a better location to study finance than Stevens. The Hoboken campus is a 10-minute train or ferry ride from Wall Street and its many financial companies. Recruiters are easily able to meet with an interview business students, and managers frequently visit to bring their real-world perspectives to classrooms and lectures, adding incredible depth to lessons that can't be experienced elsewhere. Wall Street's proximity to the campus also ensures that students who pursue a Finance major at Stevens graduate into a strong network of alumni at top companies in this space, who prize School of Business students for their technology savvy and industry knowledge. Furthermore, as part of the Finance major, students take a wealth of analytics and technology courses that encourage them to challenge conventional thinking and embrace data-driven solutions to new opportunities.

The finance curriculum not only focuses on the basics, from microeconomics to corporate finance, but also on the role technology has played in turning this industry on its head. Stevens also leverages strong connections at Fortune 500 companies in Manhattan and North Jersey to bring a practical perspective to finance theory — and to offer students access to internships and jobs at these top employers.