Becky Tucci (bwos)

Becky Tucci


Charles V. Schaefer, Jr. School of Engineering and Science

McLean Hall 201
(201) 216-8196


  • Other (2017) New York Medical College (Doctorate of Physical Therapy)
  • BE (2014) Stevens Institute of Technology (Biomedical Engineering)

General Information

Dr. Tucci earned her B.E. in Biomedical Engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology and her doctorate in physical therapy (DPT) at New York Medical College. After her doctoral studies, she joined Stevens Institute of Technology as a faculty member in the Department of Biomedical Engineering where she also manages the teaching labs to facilitate student learning and enhance the student experience. Dr. Tucci also practices physical therapy in the out-patient setting.


Stevens Institute of Technology, Department of Biomedical Engineering
2017-Present: Lecturer

Parabolic Performance & Rehab
2019-2020: Physical Therapist

Kearny Wellness Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab
2018-2019: Physical Therapist

SportsCare Physical Therapy
2017-2018: Physical Therapist

Institutional Service

  • Healthcare Professionals Advisory Committee Member
  • Lab Manager Member
  • ABET Preparation Member

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Dr. Tucci advises senior design projects each year, working with senior design teams to innovate novel healthcare devices/systems. Previous projects have included: Dynamic Pediatric Stander, Automated OR Lighting, Digital Hand Goniometer, Ureteral Stent and Retrieval Means, Proprioceptive Feedback Device, Arthroscopic Surgical Tool, Adaptive Rock Climbing Harness, Spinal Rod, EMG Prosthetic Feedback Brace, and Breastfeeding Training Device.

Patents and Inventions

Fornax Ureteral Stent
International Application No PCT/US2020/016889 directed to URETERAL STENT AND RETRIEVAL filed February 5, 2020
Provisional Patent filed March 14, 2019 (62/818,406)

DynaSoar Kinesthetic Stander
Provisional Patent filed February 8, 2019 (62/803,179)

Selected Publications

Patent Application Publication

  1. Stifelman, M.; Hazelwood, V.; Tucci, B.; Mohammedi, S.; Nair, M.; Fragale, Jr., A.; Galer, A. (2022). Ureteral Stent and Retrieval Means (pp. 1-27).


BME482 Engineering Physiology
BME482L Engineering Physiology Lab
BME 306 Intro. to Biomedical Engineering
BME445 Biosystems Simulation & Control
BME 445L Biosystems Simulation & Control
BME 800 Special Problems in Biomedical Engineering