Employer Recruiting

Employer Recruiting

Employer recruiting events provide an opportunity for students to learn about different types of employers, industries, career paths, and employment opportunities. The Stevens Career Center collaborates with over 600 employers each year and coordinates hundreds of on-campus and virtual employer recruiting events. Students are encouraged to regularly attend employer recruiting events throughout the fall and spring semesters. 

Go to Handshake to view the schedule of employer recruiting events. 

Be aware of fraudulent employers and employment scams.  

Employer Recruiting Events and How to Prepare for an Event
Career Chats  

Career Chats are scheduled, one-on-one conversations between a student and employer representative or alumnus to discuss career opportunities in an organization. Career Chats are not job interviews but provide an opportunity for students to build their professional network and learn about career paths, job opportunities, and resume feedback. Come prepared to ask lots of questions. Appropriate attire is business casual.  

Career Connections Networking Event  

Career Connections Networking Events allow students to meet representatives from one or more companies seeking candidates to hire for internships, co-ops, or full-time jobs. Students will learn about the organization, build their professional network, and can ask relevant questions. Employer representatives do not collect resumes from students at these events. Appropriate attire is business casual or business professional.  

Innovation Showcase

An Innovation Showcase event provides an opportunity for a company to introduce and present information about a new or emerging technology. After the presentation, students have an opportunity to network with company representatives to ask questions and learn more about the new technology and organization. Appropriate attire is business casual or business professional.  

Interview Day  

An Interview Day provides an opportunity for employers to interview Stevens students in-person at Stevens. Students are selected by the company from the pool of students who apply to jobs posted on Handshake. Students selected for interviews are invited to schedule a time slot with a company representative. An Interview Day could include one company, or several companies. Interviews Days are typically held in the Stevens Career Center or in a large venue such as TechFlex. Appropriate attire is business professional.  

Job & Internship Fairs also known as Career Fairs 

A Stevens Job & Internship Fair is a large-scale recruiting event in which students seeking internships, co-op jobs, and full-time jobs meet potential employers. Students attend a Job & Internship Fair to share key information about their career interests and experience based on available job opportunities posted on Handshake. Job & Internships Fairs are held every year in September and February and may be virtual or in-person.

Networking Nights based on Industry or Special Topics 

Networking events are organized gatherings for students and employer representatives to connect and learn. Networking Nights are typically held after 5:00 pm for two-hours and company representatives from a specific industry or topic are invited to attend. Students who attend learn about the company and have an opportunity to establish a connection to build their professional network. Employer representatives get to know Stevens students and learn about student’s academic and work experiences.   

Students who use networking events to practice networking skills often build confidence and improve communication skills that play a critical role when interviewing, establishing professional relationships, and overall professional success. 

A representative sample of Networking Nights: 

  • Business & Finance Networking Night 

  • International Students & Alumni Networking Night 

  • Aerospace & Defense Industry Networking Night 

  • Celebrating Diversity Networking Night 

  • HASS Student & Alumni Networking Night 

Get prepared before attending employer recruiting events!  

Employer recruiting events are an important part of the job search process. To increase your chances of success in your job search, students should prepare before attending employer recruiting events.  

Quick Tips  
  • Understand the purpose of the event.  

  • Conduct research to learn about the employer, including reading information on the employer’s website and news reports. Search job opportunities on Handshake and the company website to gain an understanding of the types of degrees, skills, and competencies the employer is seeking.   

  • Prepare a 30-second introduction that includes your name, class year, degree program, and why you are interested in the company and job opportunities. Also briefly describe how your skills and experience fit the job or internship.  

  • Identify alumni on StevensConnects and LinkedIn. Request a connection and consider scheduling an informational meeting.   

  • Wear appropriate attire when meeting employers in-person or virtually, such as Business Casual or Business Professional/Formal

  • Prepare a few questions to ask and make sure your questions demonstrate your preparation. For example, do not ask questions like “Tell me about your company?” or “What types of internships or jobs do you have available?” These questions demonstrate a lack of preparedness because you can easily conduct research online or in Handshake to find answers to these questions on your own.