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With thousands of programs in over a hundred different countries, narrowing down your top choices can be overwhelming! Here's a preview of some of our featured programs.

Semester-long study abroad options are offered through our exchange partners, study abroad providers or direct enrollment in the international university. Shorter programs are also a great option including intersession programs, summer courses, faculty-led programs, research or internships. For a complete list of programs, visit the Study Abroad Link on my.Stevens. If you are not currently a Stevens student and would like to see the various programs we have to offer click here.

Landscape view of France overseeing the Eiffel Tower


University of Strasbourg: The EM Strasbourg Business School offers many courses in English for a variety of subjects including financial analysis, management, entrepreneurship, supply chain, and marketing.

Greece overviewing sea


Athens University of Economics and Business: AUEB is one of the oldest universities in Greece. It is a fantastic study abroad option for School of Business majors. It offers a wide range of courses including: Financial Management, Money and Banking, International Marketing, Production and Operations Management, and more!

Birdseye view of Spain


Comillas Pontifical University: This exchange opportunity is open to students from both the School of Engineering & Sciences and the School of Systems & Enterprises. English course offerings vary by semester, but examples include automotive electronics, nanotechnology, aerospace electronics, structural analysis, computer science, etc.

Sweden Waterfront


KTH Royal Institute of Technology: This is a great location for all engineering majors. Courses approved in the past include: Applied Hydrology, Dynamic Problems in Solid Mechanics, Fibre Composite Materials and Manufacturing, Introduction to Astronomy, Marine Dynamics, Small Craft DEisng, and Swedish Society, Culture and Independence.

London Waterfront

United Kingdom - London

Queen Mary University of London: This study abroad option is available to all majors. Courses approved in the past include: Basic Biochemistry, Chemistry of Biological Molecules, Computing, Control Systems Analysis and Design, Differential Equations, Genes and Bioinformatics, Low-Speed Aerodynamics, Mechanics of Fluids, Object Oriented Programming, Polymers, Quantum Physics. There are numerous options for humanities transfer courses like: Architecture in London, Art History, Building an American Nation, European History, Making the Modern City, Unravelling Britain, etc. Summer study abroad opportunities available as well.

England UK Birdseye View

United Kingdom - Liverpool

University of Liverpool: Available to all majors, this is our newest exchange program option.

Netherlands birds eye view at night


University of Amsterdam: This a great opportunity for all School of Business majors as well as College of Arts and Letters majors. UvA offers many courses in finance, business, marketing, humanities, etc. Business and Technology majors are able to fulfill course credits for the International Business minor. Quantitative Finance majors are able to get transfer credits for a finance or business concentration.

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