Students doing tissue engineering research in Hongjun Wang's Semcer Lab, part of the Semcer Center for Healthcare Innovation

Undergraduate Research at the Schaefer School

At Stevens, we believe that hands-on research experience is the ultimate platform for learning. That's why research is an integral part of our undergraduate curriculum.

Next-Level Learning Opportunities

In real-world science, groups of scientists with different levels of knowledge come together to solve big problems. In the Charles V. Schaefer, Jr. School of Engineering and Science, we take it to the next level: we're bringing together scientists from vastly different disciplines and applying the latest, cutting-edge technologies to innovate completely new solutions.

As part of our culture of learning, we're always focused on creating opportunities for our undergraduate students to become embedded in our community of researchers where they can intermingle with graduate students and outstanding faculty to learn cutting-edge technology as a team, just like in the real world. This participation in hands-on, leading-edge research fully equips you for research-and-development careers in academia and industry, and makes your career prospects a cut above the rest.

Stevens Students are Driven by Discovery

Each of our departments offers exciting interdisciplinary research opportunities for you to put your curiosity to work alongside faculty and present your results. The university also offers additional interdisciplinary research opportunities for Stevens undergraduates. Learn what undergraduate research can do for you.

Photo of Kathleen Riegner collecting gunpowder residue

Author a Research Paper

Kathleen Riegner, an undergraduate student at Stevens, spent an explosive summer making and testing medieval gunpowder recipes and co-authored a paper on the study. Her paper sparked articles in the New York Times and Wired Magazine.

Stevens graduate Matt Brand '21

Launch Your Career

Stevens faculty are your gateway to dream vocations. A recent computer science graduate landed a job helping NASA plan, shoot, process and send back astonishing high-quality images of Mars' surface and geology thanks to his summer research project with a Stevens faculty member.

photo of Weina Meng with her summer interns

Research with Interdisciplinary Mentors

You are not limited to studying with faculty from your home department. Through the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Undergraduate Summer Research Program, you can study with researchers and Ph.D. students across the entire university.

Baby in incubator

Present at Conferences

Stevens biomedical engineering students’ flexible noise reduction solution for incubators developed as part of their summer research project was selected to be presented at the 2020 International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition.

Photo of Angel Burgos in Jae Chul Kim's battery laboratory

Get Real-World Experience

A group of Stevens Institute of Technology students worked on a summer research project focused on improving lithium-ion batteries' energy density with a faculty mentor from their home department. The research offered students a glimpse into the future of battery technology.

Three students work on underwater drone in the ABS Engineering Center.

Be Part of a Growing Research Enterprise

The Schaefer School is awarded approximately $35 million each year to conduct ground-breaking research across wide variety of disciplines. This funding generates numerous educational opportunities for students who want to study with our leading experts.

A female student discussing research with attendees at the SIAI Relaunch event

AIRS Fellowship Summer Research Program

The AI Research in Summer (AIRS) Fellowship Program through the Stevens Institute for Artificial Intelligence enables students looking to advance AI research to study with artificial intelligence experts.

Photo of ferry boat in Galapagos Islands of Ecuador, which Stevens students are helping to redesign

Undergraduate Research with Davidson Laboratory

A group of students studying with faculty in Davidson Laboratory is helping to create smoother — and lower-impact — rides around the Galapagos Islands in collaboration with a coastal technical university in Ecuador.

A student in a biomedical engineering lab

Undergraduate Research at Stevens

Learn more about research opportunities for undergraduate students by visiting the undergraduate research page. Enrolled students can see currently available research opportunities by logging into Stevens Hub.