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Technology Management Master's Program

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Master of Science


School of Business Graduate Program


On campus


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To lead in the digital era, it’s crucial to understand how modern technologies are driving today’s modern business world.  

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30 Credit Program

For working professionals

On campus, alternating Saturdays

Alumni mentors and career coaches

In the rapidly evolving digital era, businesses must seamlessly integrate leading-edge technologies with strategic decision-making to maintain a competitive edge. The Stevens School of Business Master of Science in Technology Management (MSTM) equips professionals with the skills and knowledge to lead this transformative journey, harnessing the synergy of people, processes, and technology to drive sustainable, global impact. 

Program Highlights

Fast-Track Your Career Without Disrupting It 

Whether you're a mid-career manager aspiring to strategic leadership, a seasoned executive transitioning to digital transformation or a management consultant seeking to leverage innovative solutions, this program empowers you to achieve your career goals by developing a holistic understanding of business-technology integration, cultivating innovative thinking and fostering a tech-savvy, human-centered approach to decision-making. 

Designed for working professionals and taught at a university that has understood the integration of humanity and technology for more than a century, this program is seamlessly woven into your career journey through its convenient scheduling model and offers opportunities to apply lessons learned in the classroom to workplace situations in real time. 

Faculty in this program are particularly distinguished for their corporate experience, and their insights from research and the workplace will prepare you for the challenges of leadership in the digital age.   

Seize the opportunity to elevate your career trajectory and become a driving force in the digital revolution. Apply now and unlock your potential as a strategic, tech-savvy leader, guiding your organization to success in the modern business landscape.  

After completing the program, most students continue for another year to earn an  Executive MBA - EMBA, which offers a more comprehensive examination of leadership topics.

Alumni Mentors

MSTM Mentor Panel

Admissions Criteria

This Master's program is designed for working professionals. To be considered for admission, your application must also include the following items listed below.

GMAT/GRE test scores are optional for all master’s programs except MBA. Applicants who think that their test scores reflect their potential for success in graduate school may submit scores for consideration.

The master's program in Technology Management is for part-time students with significant work experience who are able to attend classes on campus every other Saturday. The degree takes less than two years to complete.

Application Deadlines

The master's in Technology Management is considered a part-time degree because of the weekends-only nature of the program. Therefore, applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Students can start the program in the spring or summer semesters, but it is strongly recommended that you enroll in the fall, so as to be fully immersed in the program's unique cohort experience. 

Fall 2024 applications are being accepted.

Core Curriculum

The Master of Science in Technology Management (MSTM) is a part-time program specifically designed for mid- to senior-level professionals wishing to thrive in the rapidly evolving technology landscape. MSTM program seamlessly blends knowledge of new technologies with strategic management and a human-centered leadership approach to help them drive organizational success.   

Course Scheduling

Courses are taken in cohort fashion, meaning each class of students goes through the courses together. This allows for shared experiences from the workplace to shape learning and encourages deep connections between professionals, who work closely together on projects and presentations throughout their time in the master's program. The cohort experience is continued for students who go on to the EMBA program for an additional year.


Year One

Year Two


EMT 740 Team Leadership Development in Technological Organizations  

BIA 668 Management of AI Technologies  


MGT 664 Marketing of Technology 

MIS 710 Process Innovation and Management 


EMT 524 Financial and Managerial Accounting  

MIS 645 Cyber Security Principles 


MIS 760 Information System Technology Strategy

MGT 670 Management of Operations   

MGT 625 Introduction to ESG 

EMT 750 MSTM Technology Management Capstone Project  


EMT 696 Design Thinking


BIA 664 Management of Big Data 

Meet the Program Director

Headshot of Ratika GoreRatika Gore is the Associate Director of MBA Programs at Stevens Institute of Technology. She is an entrepreneur-turned-academician and comes with over 27 years of experience in teaching, leading departments, and founding her own successful companies in five countries (USA, Singapore, Belgium, Philippines and India).  

In the last 11 years in academia, she held various leadership roles, taught several courses as a top-rated faculty and has presented research in international conferences. As a certified coach & consultant, she has worked with both corporate and government organizations in Singapore, India and the Philippines. She is on several advisory boards of entities like Editorial Advisory Boards in a top university, Award-winning NGOs, and Ed-tech start-ups.  She is a critical thinker with a growth mindset, exemplifying innovative thinking with an entrepreneurial temperament, exceptional mentoring and people skills, and a global mindset  

She has a PhD in Marketing from the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow and an MBA from SPJIMR, Mumbai.  

If you have questions, contact her here.

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