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Health and Immunizations

Health and Immunization Records

In preparation for arriving on campus, all students are required to submit health and immunization records. This requirement is mandated by Stevens and the State of New Jersey. The completed electronic record must be submitted by August 1, but students should schedule an appointment as far in advance as possible with their primary care provider for a physical so that forms can be completed in a timely manner. All students, including those who choose to commute, must complete the Health and Immunization Forms. Varsity Intercollegiate Division III athletes at Stevens are required to complete supplemental Varsity Athletic Medical Forms, which are electronic and available on the Healthy Stevens Portal. Additional details about Health and Immunization Records and instructions for using the Healthy Stevens Portal can be found at

Health Insurance Requirement

Stevens StudentsIn addition to providing your records to Student Health Services, Stevens requires all undergraduate students to have health insurance. All undergraduate students will be billed for the cost of the Stevens Student Health Insurance as they begin their first semester and for all subsequent fall semesters unless the student waives the insurance coverage annually. Students waiving Stevens’ Student Health Insurance must demonstrate proof of health insurance from another U.S.-based provider that meets federal requirements (see website linked below for details) before September 15. For more information on the Stevens Student Health Insurance Plan, please contact the Office of Student Accounts at 201.268.5406 (select Option 2) or visit