The School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

The Humanities at Stevens


Catalyze future-focused ideas by studying by drawing wisdom from the classics.

By studying literature at Stevens, students learn to analyze and extract valuable insights from complex texts. Students often pursue a literature major to complement coursework in science and engineering.


Blend your philosophical curiosity with the technological acumen needed to consider the pressing global issues of our time.

Studying philosophy at Stevens prompts students to consider real-world and societal concerns, fostering an appreciation for applied ethics.

Accelerated Law

Jumpstart your legal career with Stevens Institute of Technology's and Seton Hall University School of Law's six-year combined bachelor's/Juris Doctor program.

Stevens awards the B.A./B.S. degree upon completion of the first year of law school. Seton Hall then awards a J.D. degree upon the completion of the two remaining years of law school.

Humanities Undecided

Discover your passions and tailor your education at Stevens by marking your major as 'humanities undecided.'

During your first two years, enjoy the freedom to explore various academic avenues and receive guidance from advisors and faculty.