Degree Programs

The Department of Civil, Environmental and Ocean Engineering offers graduate programs leading to degrees of Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Engineering, Master of Science, and Civil Engineer, as well as certificates in a variety of areas. The three that are most relevant to Davidson Laboratory are:

These programs are centered on the facilities and considerable faculty expertise resident in the Davidson Laboratory. Here, students have the opportunity to pursue advanced course instruction and applied research in one of the nation's foremost marine hydrodynamics and naval architecture research centers.

These programs are very broad, and includes opportunities for instruction and research in Marine Craft Hydrodynamics and Hull Design, Environmental Hydrodynamics, Coastal Engineering, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Physical Oceanography, Ocean and Weather Forecasting, and Underwater Acoustics. Students are encouraged to pursue coursework and research across these various disciplines.

Short Courses

The Davidson Laboratory conducts a series of short courses for professionals in the field of environmental hydrodynamics and sediment transport. These courses are designed to provide practical knowledge of numerical modeling and observational techniques for both beginners and experienced professionals. Various models of circulation, sediment transport and waves, different parameterizations of vertical and horizontal mixing are part of the course series. Each course completed will earn 2 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) and be provided with a certification of achievement.

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