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The Department of Mathematical Sciences is an internationally recognized center of excellence for research and education in contemporary mathematical sciences.

Our mission is to integrate research and education in mathematics in support of the Institute’s mission and to benefit society by conducting research on challenging problems arising in mathematics, science, technology and business; by providing a collegial atmosphere; and by promoting lifelong learning.

Message From the Chair

Michael ZabarankinDr. Michael Zabarankin, Chair of the Department of Mathematical SciencesWelcome to the Department of Mathematical Sciences!

We stand at the forefront of cutting-edge research and education in contemporary mathematical sciences. Our department takes pride in being a leader in algebraic cryptography, with our internationally recognized Algebra and Cryptology Center (ACC) spearheading breakthroughs and discovery in cryptanalysis and laying out the groundwork for security in quantum computing systems. Our department is also globally renowned for world-class expertise in stochastic modeling and optimization under risk and uncertainty. This thriving research area has far-reaching applications ranging from business analytics and financial technologies to structural engineering and renewable energy. Our faculty members have received numerous funding awards and collaborate with multiple research centers at Stevens and beyond. Not only are our faculty talented researchers, expanding the frontiers of knowledge, but also dedicated educators who enthusiastically share their expertise and passion for research with the students.

We offer a complete spectrum of educational programs tailored to meet evolving demands of science and technology. Our undergraduate program in mathematics nurtures the intellectual growth of aspiring mathematicians and prepares students for industry employment and graduate school. For students who seek a deeper expertise and specialized focus, our department offers master’s degree programs in mathematics, applied mathematics, data science, and actuarial mathematics & quantitative risk. These programs equip our students with advanced knowledge and the skills needed to excel in their chosen fields and to take on leading roles in academia, industry, or government organizations. Our mathematics doctoral program offers students an opportunity to conduct cutting-edge research under the guidance of world-class experts and to produce significant mathematical results. Our graduates are employed by top tech and financial companies and well-known universities.

Our dedication to promoting lifelong learning goes far beyond higher education. Our outreach initiatives, such as the Math Circle and Math Olympiad for school children, aim to inspire young minds and foster a love for mathematics from an early age. Stevens Mathematics Club cultivates creative thinking and prepares students for the famous Putnam Mathematical Competition. To further enrich our learning environment, we host weekly seminars on mathematical cryptology as a platform for intellectual exchange and exploration and organize conferences and workshops with distinguished scholars from around the world.

In summary, what lies at the heart of our department’s excellence is our exceptional faculty, staff, and students their triumphs are the cornerstone of our department’s success. We strive to nurture a vibrant academic culture and foster an atmosphere of collegiality and mutual support. Our greatest investment lies in our people, and it is this investment that propels us towards continuous growth and achievement.

I invite you to learn more about our dedicated faculty and staff members, research endeavors, educational programs, and outreach initiatives. Whether you are a prospective student, a seasoned researcher, or an individual passionate about mathematics, our department welcomes you with open arms.

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey into the fascinating world of mathematics and innovation!

Dr. Michael Zabarankin

Department Contacts

Department Administration

Michael Zabarankin
Department Chair
Ph.D. Program Coordinator
North 302

Diane Forte 
Administrative Assistant
North 304

Academic Contacts

Jan Cannizzo
Associate Chair for Undergraduate Education
North 306

Mahmood Sohrabi
Associate Chair for Graduate Education
North 308

Mary Bilali 
Academic Advisor and Project Coordinator
North 305

Outreach Programs

The Department of Mathematical Sciences at Stevens is committed to STEM outreach and promoting the importance of math education with local schools in the Hoboken area. 

As part of its commitment to serving the community, the Stevens math department hosts outreach initiatives with the aim of instilling a love of mathematics in young people in the local community. 

Math Olympiad

Each spring, Stevens plays host to elementary through high school students across the area who come to flex their mathematical skills and compete in the Stevens Mathematical Olympiad.

Learn more about the Math Olympiad

Math Circle Initiative

The Stevens Math Circle Initiative is an enrichment program for elementary and middle school students intended to inspire and nurture a love for mathematics, and to teach critical reasoning skills. Math Circles expose students to mathematics that is interesting, challenging, and fun, and that goes well beyond the material covered in a typical math class.

Learn more about the Math Circle Initiative