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Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

The Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at Stevens harnesses the synergy between two impactful disciplines to drive discoveries and innovation that change industry – and society.

Like other disciplines, engineering is becoming increasingly interdisciplinary, and the co-existence of these at the School of Engineering and Science has traditionally been a unique source of strength for the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science.

We are a community of researchers, many with experience and backgrounds in both materials science and chemical engineering, striving to equip our graduates with a broad educational foundation, critical knowledge, and and skills from which to launch their careers.  We produce engineers and scientists with the capacity to make a difference in increasingly vital areas such as sustainability issues related to our finite materials resources and the impact of materials utilization and disposal on the environment.

Academic Programs

Our department offers programs in chemical engineering and materials science that are career springboards for everything from manufacturing and design to research and development.

Catalyze Your Career

Hands-on learning is built into the Stevens educational experience. Here, you'll harness your curiosity to catalyze your career.
Chemical Engineering and Materials Science student working with machinery.
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Learn About Our Research

Our researchers advance discoveries in polymer processing, chemical processing, alternative energy production, biofuels, tissue microenvironment, nanomaterials, microchemical systems and more.

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STEM Outreach at the Schaefer School

The Charles V. Schaefer, Jr. School of Engineering and Science is dedicated to science, technology, engineering, and math education and enrichment at all levels. Our numerous STEM outreach and education programs are designed to instill a love of science and technology in both teachers and students from K - 12 throughout the New York and New Jersey area, and beyond.

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