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Mathematics Doctoral Program

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Develop and conduct original, cutting-edge mathematical research that applies directly to real-world challenges with a Ph.D. in mathematics from Stevens.

Here, you’ll enhance your expertise in mathematics foundations and complex mathematical models, and will learn how to effectively communicate that expertise through presentations and seminars.

Alongside a faculty mentor you choose from among our world-class experts, you’ll produce a dissertation that develops a significant result in mathematics, and its application. You’ll graduate from the program well-prepared for careers in academia, technology industries (pharmaceuticals, insurance, financial services, etc.), scientific and management consulting companies and military and government research labs

The Department of Mathematical Sciences offers dynamic opportunities to explore leading-edge research within a close community of faculty mentors. You'll be able to study under a faculty mentor in the area that you find most exciting:

  • Algebraic Cryptography

  • Computational Algebra

  • Decision Making under Uncertainty

  • Group Theory

  • Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering

  • Numerical Analysis

  • Optimization

  • Partial Differential Equations (PDEs)

  • Quantum Algorithms

  • Reliability Theory

  • Risk-Averse Optimization

  • Statistical Learning

  • Stochastic Modeling

  • Statistics

Stevens graduate students have the unique opportunity to learn from foremost experts in AI and machine learning research, and their applications in data science and robotics.

Mathematical Sciences Research at Stevens

The Department of Mathematical Sciences is home to the internationally recognized Algebra and Cryptology Center (ACC), which investigates new techniques from computational algebra and their applications to practical problems in cryptography and cryptanalysis. The Department is also known for world-class expertise in the field of stochastic optimization.

The Department holds regular seminars and hosts workshops and international conferences. It also hosts outreach initiatives such as Math Circles and Math Olympiad with the aim to foster enthusiasm for mathematics and creative thinking in school students.

The Stevens Advantage

Stevens university-wide emphasis on innovative research relevant to the real world supplies graduate students with the support to pursue coursework far beyond foundational mathematics. This exposure not only enhances the value of the Stevens education, but gives you the upper hand when entering the job market after graduation.

Stevens’ Hoboken, N.J., campus is located close to numerous industry hubs—such as the pharmaceutical corridor in New Jersey and epicenter of American finance in Manhattan—as well as a thriving start-up ecosystem. Employers in these sectors are always on the lookout for talented graduates with expertise in mathematics.

More Advantages to Our Program 

  • Customizable curriculum based on student’s needs and interests

  • Rigorous coursework involving training in foundational mathematics

  • Advanced research opportunities working with recognized experts in the field

  • Interdisciplinary electives and independent study

  • Collaboration with other universities and experience working in or with national research centers

  • Career-building activities outside of the classroom, such as professional seminars that students may attend and/or organize

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