The Lore-El Center is a vibrant living and learning environment that promotes the empowerment of Stevens women through programs, events, mentorship and a shared residential experience.

Lore-El Center for Women's Leadership Logo

The Lore-El Center is located in a beautiful, Victorian-style home in close proximity to the Stevens campus that serves as a central point of community and education for Stevens women.  As part of the Office of Student Culture and Belonging, the mission of Lore-El at Stevens is to increase awareness to issues facing not only women but all genders; empower Stevens women to further their co-curricular development; and create a supportive and inclusive campus environment.

A small group of women committed to educational and social programming apply and are selected to reside in the house each year. Student Affairs staff serve as mentors and educators for Lore-El and assist with developing and implementing programs and events for the Stevens community.