Corporate Education for Picatinny Employees

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About Our Partnership

Since the 1970's, Stevens and Picatinny have collaborated to offer employee education solutions. Our partnership includes exclusivity for Stevens to be the only institution to offer the following programs on site at Picatinny facilities:

Your Corporate Benefits

  • Application fee waiver.

  • Direct billing with submittal of your SF-182 Tuition Voucher or No cost deferred tuition bridge plan options.

  • Exclusive access to our care center for one-stop services including, but not limited to assistance with admission, registration, billing, and graduation requirements.  

Current Enrollment Options

  • Master's degree and certificate programs offered exclusively by Stevens for employees at the Picatinny campus.

  • Picatinny employees are welcome to enroll independently in any on campus or online Stevens program.

How to Apply for Admission & Receive Your Benefits



Step 1 - Start the Stevens graduate application.

Start your Graduate Application at  

Step 2 - Add corporate partnership information to your application.

In Financial Support Section, answer YES to "Will you be attending Stevens Institute of Technology as part of a corporate partner agreement (i.e. corporate, government, or other professional organization)?" 

Step 3 - Enter your corporate code.

From the Sponsored Program List, select your corporate code, P01I02C, from the drop down. 

Step 4 - Receive application fee waiver, if applicable

You will receive the $60 application fee waiver after submitting your application. 

Step 5 - Enroll in deferred payment plan & receive fee waiver, if applicable.

Once registered for a course, you can fill out our Employer Tuition Reimbursement Bridge Plan
 for corporate students. You will choose the code, P01I02C, which will waive the required $150 ETRPB enrollment fee.  You will need to submit this form at the beginning of each semester you are registered. 

Interested in learning more?

Reach out today for more information about enrollment and program options for employees at your company.