Student Spotlights: Meet The Students

The School of Business is proud to have a diverse student population with wide-ranging interests and passions. In and out of the classroom, our students strive for Excellence in All We Do. Learn about some of our students in the Student Spotlights below.

Meet The Undergraduate Students

At the Stevens School of Business, we create inclusive spaces for students to network, collaborate and learn. Listen to the stories of our undergraduates who made an impact on campus and now in the workplace.

George Alapatt, BS ’22, majored in quantitative finance and is spending the summer as an intern at BlackRock. He's planning to pursue an accelerated master's degree in machine learning.

Jay Poskitt, BS ’22, played soccer for Stevens. Now employed at Evercore, Jay reminisces about the Student Managed Investment Fund and operating a national fundraiser during COVID.

Some of our students are rock stars -- literally. Jordan Torres, BS '22, is a keyboardist for Phoneboy, a band that played at South by Southwest. She plans to apply her finance degree to the music industry.

Meet The Graduate Students

Ivana Bozinovska, MS '22, BS ’21, isn’t someone to back down from a challenge. She's memorized the names of every country in the world and can also solve a Rubik’s cube in a few minutes. She is currently an Independence Compliance Audit Associate at EY.

Anagha Yerande talks about getting her master's degree in Technology Management through a corporate partnership program while working full-time at JP Morgan & Chase.

Saboura Salari Rad, ’23 MS, won a Jerome Lohez 9/11 scholarship. She balances her financial engineering studies with yoga and silent meditation.