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Stevens MBA (Master of Business Administration) - STEM Designated Concentration

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The Stevens MBA prepares you to lead conversations about how technology creates strategic advantage for the business.

Few MBA programs consider how rapidly the data revolution has changed the ways managers recognize opportunities and identify trends. This innovated STEM MBA is taught by faculty who understand the traditional managerial toolkit — marketing, strategy and finance — must be complemented by skills in technology and analytics to create success.

Your MBA courses will feature applied exercises that prepare you to be a leader who is capable of making fast, data-supported decisions. MBA coursework emphasizes collaboration through group projects and presentations and develops your creativity and critical thinking skills through the incorporation of new analytical tools and the latest research insights. 

*A STEM-designated program allows students from outside of the U.S. to be eligible for a 24-month extension of their Optional Practical Training (OPT).

The MBA is available on campus or fully online. Visit the link below to learn more and apply to the online program.

The design of the Stevens MBA is structured to ensure your studies are closely aligned to your professional aspirations. In addition to a blend of tech-centric management courses that prepare you for the challenges of leadership, you will choose four courses directly focused on your career interests — either as part of a structured concentration or as free electives that let you explore different disciplines.

Foundational Courses

Language Of Business

Courses in this block provide fundamental skills in marketing, operations management and strategy — three crucial areas that give students mastery of topics central to every business unit in every industry.

Leadership And Innovation

The three courses in this block will challenge you to think differently about leadership — how to manage resources, inspire teams and foster innovation. You'll get a better sense of your personal leadership style while developing the confidence and capability needed to fearlessly attack missions and drive change.

Analytical Thinking

Courses in this block emphasize highly advanced analytics techniques that will teach you the ways successful managers look at and use data in understanding how markets work and making better recommendations to guide the enterprise.


The Stevens MBA curriculum includes four elective courses, giving you the flexibility to explore a discipline in depth or further round out your studies. If you seek more structure, you can use your elective courses to pursue one of the below concentrations, each of which is aligned with a distinct area of need in industry. 


After completing the rest of the curriculum, students must take the MGT 809 Industry Capstone Program.

This three-credit course trains graduate students in the application of tools and methods used by management consultants to provide advisory services to clients. Students will work on an industry project with a team of their peers. They will scope and plan the underlying project, develop a statement of work, and design and deliver status update presentations. Students will learn how to facilitate meetings with different groups of stakeholders over the course of the project, manage client expectations, and apply their disciplinary and technical knowledge to the project. 

Stevens MBA Careers

The Master of Business Administration develops in-demand knowledge and skills to put you on track for career success in a variety of roles like:

  • Strategy Consultant

  • Data Analyst

  • Operations Consultant

  • Sales Operation Consultant

  • Risk Manager

  • Investment Manager

Potential hiring organizations include companies like: Atento, Blackstone Technologies, Coresite, SAP America Inc., TD Securities, Universal McCann (UM Worldwide) and more.

Stevens MBA: Facts & Figures

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