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Quantitative Social Science Bachelor's Degree

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Quantitative social science (QSS) majors dive into analysis and research that will impact human lives and solve the problems of tomorrow.

Tech-Powered Social Science

The QSS major at Stevens awards a Bachelor of Science degree, training students in the quantitative methods that define modern approaches to social science. While pursuing concentrations in political science, psychology or sociology, students gain analytical skills invaluable to the modern workforce:

  • Statistical modeling

  • Causal inference

  • Forecasting

  • Text analytics

  • Social network analyses

  • Experimental methods 

Careers of Tomorrow

Stevens' renowned faculty introduces students to cutting-edge research and prepares them for the careers of tomorrow. Future graduates will pursue careers across the non-profit, business, academic, and government sectors:

  • Policy Advisor

  • Campaign Strategist

  • Government Policy Specialist

  • Legal Consultant

  • Business Strategist

  • Social Media Manager

  • Counselor or Social Worker

  • Sales and Marketing Analyst

  • Educational Consultant

  • Academic Researcher

Future-Focused Curriculum

Each student chooses a concentration in political science, psychology or sociology and then pursues a quantitative exploration of the human experience. These pursuits will extend into their professional endeavors.

See the details and requirements of the quantitative social science bachelor’s degree in Stevens' academic catalog.

Political Science Concentration

The political science concentration prepares students for analytic roles in industry, government, and academia that increasingly require knowledge of data collection and statistical analysis. Students will learn to pose questions, design research, and analyze information about political problems.

Political Science Courses

  • The U.S. Congress

  • Public Policy Analysis

  • Campaigns & Elections

  • Identity Politics and Legal Theory

  • Health Politics

  • Political Theory

  • International Politics

  • And more!

Sociology Concentration

Students in the sociology concentration collect and analyze data on a wide range of social issues, be they big or small, visible or hidden. Analytical tools enable students to discover the intricacies of social processes, derive insights about broad populations, and offer informed policy recommendations.

Sociology Courses

  • Sociology of Globalization

  • Sociology of Science and Technology

  • Comparative Ethnic Culture

  • Sociology of Gender

  • Cultural Anthropology

  • Social Choice Theory

  • Computers and Society

  • Modern Urban Culture

  • And more!

Psychology Concentration

Psychology students use quantitative skills to research individual human behavior and mentalities. By measuring emotional and mental constitutions with precision and depth, students develop a profound understanding of the human psyche.

Psychology Courses

  • Fundamentals of Psychology

  • Social Psychology

  • Developmental Psychology

  • Biological Psychology

  • Health Psychology

  • Psychology of Prejudice

  • History of Psychology

  • Theories of Personality

  • And more!

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