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Algorithmic Trading Strategies Certificate

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Dynamic skills for fast, dynamic markets

The evolution of financial systems technology has made algorithmic trading a dominant component of trade volumes on exchanges. Professionals working in algorithmic finance must be able to implement software and automatic decision support systems in dynamic markets in order to drive success in today's economy.

This graduate certificate is designed to provide aspiring financial engineers with the necessary understanding of the design and implementation of financial trading systems, with an emphasis on the role of software and automated decision support systems in trading strategies. The certificate also is suitable for technical professionals interested in applying their unique skills to the fast-changing realm of finance.

The following courses are required for this certificate:

  • FE 545 Design, Patterns and Derivatives Pricing

FE 570 Market Microstructure and Trading Strategies

  • FE 620 Pricing and Hedging

  • FE 670 Algorithmic Trading Strategies

If desired, the above courses can be applied to a full graduate degree from the School of Business, such as the master's in Financial Engineering.