Sunil Paliwal (spaliwal)

Sunil Paliwal

Teaching Associate Professor

Charles V. Schaefer, Jr. School of Engineering and Science

McLean Hall 205
(201) 216-8196


  • PhD (1996) University of Pittsburgh (Organic Chemistry)
  • MS (1989) Indian Institute of Technolgy (Chemistry)
  • BS (1987) Hindu College (Chemistry)


At Stevens, Dr. Paliwal's research is focused on ML and AI driven drug discovery and synthesis to treat infectious disease such as COVID-19.


Dr. Paliwal has 15 years experience as a medicinal chemist and project leader performing research in drug discovery for Schering-Plough Research Institute and at Merck where he was Director of Exploratory Medicinal Chemistry. His expertise is in developing small molecules to treat oncology, neurological, cardiovascular and inflammation diseases.

Dr. Paliwal’s preclinical discovery includes leading teams to discover early drug hits from high-throughput screening (HTS) involving the screening of millions of compounds, optimization of hits and developing program leads through evaluations of chemical structure and biological data to develop key structural-activity-relationships (SAR). Dr. Paliwal’s research experience also include optimization of the DMPK and biological data of the leads to deliver clinical compounds with optimal DMPK/pharmacological properties. He is co-inventor of a drug (Varubi®) and has progressed two other compounds into clinic to treat cancer and neurological diseases.

Institutional Service

  • DEI Member
  • Graduate Education Committee Member
  • DEI Chair
  • Graduate Education Committee Member
  • Graduate Education Committee Member

Consulting Service

Provided medicinal chemistry expertise to biotech and academic institutions.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Co-inventor of the drug (Varubi®).

Professional Societies

  • ACS – American Chemical Society Member
  • ACS – American Chemical Society Member

Patents and Inventions

Paliwal, S.; Cornwell, S.; Sabio, M.; Saremi, L.; Casillas, C.; Windsor, W.; Tolias, P. “Spiro compounds as RAS inhibitors”, Patent Number: 2022040469
Paliwal, S.; Sabio, M.; Saremi, L.; Russo, C.A.; Zhao, H.; Huang, K.-S.; Tolias, P. “ERK inhibitors for cancer therapy”. Patent Number: WO 2021216777
Mcelroy, W.; Li, G.; Ho, G.; Zheng, T.; Paliwal, S.; Seganish, W.M.; Tulshian, D.; Lampe, J.; Methot, J.L.; Zhou, H.; Altman, M.D.; Zhu, L.“Amidopyrazole inhibitors of interleukin receptor-associated kinases” WO 2012129258.

Selected Publications

Journal Article

  1. Paliwal, S. (2022). Design and biological characterization of a series of dual mechanism ERK1/2 inhibitors with a Triazolopyridinone core. Chemical Biology and Drug Design, 2023, 101(4), 837-847 (4 ed., vol. 101, pp. 837-847). Wiley.


CH 115, CH 580, CH 412, BIO 682, CH 800