The School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

Center for Student Success

About the HASS Center for Student Success

The Center for Student Success within the School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS) helps with academic, career, and extracurricular planning. Whether on campus or online, the team is dedicated to providing students with the support they need to succeed in their academic pursuits.

Contact Information

Students collaborate with the HASS Center for Student Success to plan course loads, develop academic goals, and tap into resources across campus. Please see below to direct your Student Success question to the best team member.

Registration, credits, academic planning and advising, and transfer credits for HASS majors:

Kerri DeBoer, Ed.M.
Academic Advisor
Phone: 201.216.3585

Admissions, internship and career planning, student events, and alumni engagement for HASS majors:

Nicole Malantchouk, Ed.D.
Director of Student Success
Phone: 201.216.3596

Academic programs and policies, transfer credits for Humanities and Social Sciences, and/or any additional questions pertaining to the undergraduate experience:

Jennifer McBryan, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies
Phone: 201.216.3397

Location: Peirce 308

Professional Advising

Whether in person or through a virtual meeting, HASS students are encouraged to connect with Kerri Johnsen, HASS's academic adviser. These conversations present opportunities to discuss and plan your academic journey.

  1. Course Planning: Collaborate with Kerri to strategize and chart out your academic path.

  2. Academic Goal Setting: Craft, refine and adapt your academic aspirations.

  3. HASS Major & Minor Inquiries: Ask any questions you may have about adding a HASS major or minor to your studies.

  4. Resource Exploration: Gain insight into the resources available not only within HASS but across the entire campus.

Faculty Advising

Experts in their respective knowledge domains, academic advisors guide students towards success not only during their time at Stevens but also in their future endeavors. These faculty advisors assume the role of mentors, connecting students' academic pursuits and career aspirations. They may also suggest extracurricular opportunities that can enrich a student's education.

Each student is assigned a faculty advisor associated with their chosen program of study. To locate your designated faculty advisor, please navigate to the "Academics" tab within Workday.

For your convenience, faculty contacts for each of HASS's majors are provided below. When reaching out to these faculty members via email, kindly include your name and major in the subject line.

Faculty Contacts by HASS Major