Thomas H. Scholl Lecture by Visiting Entrepreneurs

The Thomas H. Scholl Lecture by Visiting Entrepreneurs, a highlight of Expo day, features notable visiting entrepreneurs and executives who have started successful businesses or improved the financial performance of existing companies.

Thomas H. Scholl

The Thomas H. Scholl Lecture by Visiting Entrepreneurs is supported by a gift from Stevens Board of Trustees member Thomas H. Scholl, a successful entrepreneur, technology innovator and investor. Mr. Scholl has been directly involved in more than 50 startups in differing roles, including founder, chairman, CEO, board member and investor. Experienced in both hardware and software products — especially those created from deep intellectual property — he currently serves on the boards of a variety of companies. Mr. Scholl served as a Trustee at Stevens from 2011–2020 and was elected Emeritus Trustee in December 2020. In addition to the Thomas H. Scholl Lecture by Visiting Entrepreneurs, he has been a dedicated supporter of the Launchpad@Stevens program, establishing the Thomas H. Scholl Launchpad Awards in 2017. For his commitment to nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs at Stevens, he received the Friend of Stevens Award in 2015.

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Thomas H. Scholl

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