Reverse Transfer

Stevens Institute of Technology has a reverse transfer agreement with Bergen Community College. Students who transferred from Bergen Community College before earning an associate's degree will have the opportunity to transfer Stevens credits back to Bergen Community College for the purpose of attaining an Associate's degree.

What is reverse transfer?

Reverse transfer is the process by which transfer students currently enrolled at a four-year institution can transfer credits back to their previous community college to retroactively receive an associate's degree from the community college.  

Who is eligible to participate?

Students who have transferred from Bergen Community College to Stevens before earning an Associate's degree are eligible to participate if they:

  • Earned more than 30 credits but fewer than the number of credits needed for an associate's degree at Bergen Community College

  • Earned at least 15 credits at Stevens Institute of Technology

  • Transferred from Bergen Community College in good standing and are in good academic standing at Stevens.

Who determines a student’s eligibility to receive an Associate's degree?

Upon receipt of official transcripts from Stevens Institute of Technology, Bergen Community College will evaluate all coursework to determine if the course requirements for an associate degree have been met.

How can I participate?

Interested and eligible students who are currently enrolled at Stevens Institute of Technology students should obtain a Reverse Transfer Transcript Release Form from the Office of Undergraduate Academics to have their Stevens transcript sent to Bergen Community College. This form should be completed in and returned to the Office of Undergraduate Academics.