Corporate Education Student Spotlight

Jack Villarie, Northrop Grumman employee

Currently Sr. Principal Engineer Mission Architect at Northrop Grumman, Jack Villarie has chosen to pursue his master’s degree in systems engineering through our corporate education program.

Why did you choose to pursue this program at Stevens?

The Stevens M.Eng. in Systems Engineering objectives align perfectly with my current role and future career goals. Northrop Grumman and Stevens have partnered to make the pace manageable with work.

Tell us how the knowledge and experience of the faculty is helping you in your coursework and your career.

The faculty is amazing! We're learning with folks who have decades in the field - true experts. The structure of the courses facilitates learning through practical application and LOTS of feedback.

How have your courses helped advance your career?

Being enrolled in this program helped others see my commitment to learning and growing within the field.

How has participating in the Stevens corporate education program helped you in your current role?

I'm applying what I'm learning each day, and I'm able to contribute to my team with deeper understanding and more impact.

What about your experience at Stevens makes you feel prepared for the next step in your career?

By the time this program is complete, I will be ready to step into a managerial role based on this program and my experience at Northrop Grumman. We're learning the full scope of the field, and a broader understanding helps when leading multifunctional teams.

What do you enjoy about your experience taking courses with your work colleagues?

The cohort brings similar experiences which makes the practical applications more relatable.

Would you recommend Stevens Institute of Technology corporate education to your colleagues, and why?

Yes, yes, YES! The faculty is impressive. The content is relevant. The cohort is understanding and passionate. The cost cannot be beat. The pace meets your needs. It's the perfect program for our organization!