Quantum Space

The Stevens Quantum Space welcomes all students to learn, design, and test innovative ideas based on the latest quantum technologies. Our state-of-the-art facilities promote innovative quantum engineering and technology through carefully structured synergy among faculty and students across disparate disciplines. The Quantum Space provides a multiscale testbed for analyzing and testing new quantum devices and techniques.

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Quantum Facilities

Stevens’ Quantum Space consists of three open-access facilities across the Stevens campus, linked by the hybrid quantum network.

Quantum Corner

Located on the first floor of the Williams Library, the Quantum Corner features a quantum workstation with a quantum secured communication link to the Burchard building. It supports the design and testing of next-generation Internet of Things (IoT) built on unconditional security only possible through quantum key distribution. Previous projects by students included quantum-controlled robots, quantum locks, quantum temperature readings.

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students with controller and robot in a Stevens lab

Quantum Learning Space

Located in the Burchard 618, students enjoy access to the latest quantum optics and integrated photonic chip technologies. The lab provides a suite of equipment and apparatuses for photon counting, linear optics, nonlinear optics, and lithium niobate nanophotonic circuits, for a variety of quantum information processing.

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Quantum Learning Space interior

Quantum Informatics Lab

Located in Babbio Center next to the Hanlon Financial Systems Lab, the Quantum Informatics Lab focuses on creating and applying innovative quantum technologies to address challenges in big data and fintech.

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representation of big data analytics


To design and work with quantum systems, adequate optics and electronics trainings are a prerequisite to handle the delicate equipment. As lasers are used in many such systems, students are required to take laser safety and lab safety trainings, offered by Stevens' Environmental Health and Safety office. 

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Students who wish to utilize the Quantum Center should make arrangements by contacting professor Yuping Huang.

Email: yuping.huang@stevens.edu