Biophotonic Imaging and Manipulation Laboratory


Our research is in biophotonics, an interdisciplinary area integrating optics, engineering, and biomedicine. We develop novel optical imaging and manipulation techniques to address biomedical questions that have been difficult or impossible to approach with traditional methods. We are interested in both technical development and biological investigations. Our current technical focus is on functional optical coherence tomography, imaging-guided optogenetics, and targeted photothermal stimulation, which covers the development of imaging system, imaging contrast, and data processing software. The major applications we are pursuing are in reproductive biology to address the functional etiology of tubal ectopic pregnancy, as well as in micro-scale biomechanics to understand the tissue and cell elasticity in relation to physiology and pathology.

Research Areas

  • Biophotonic Imaging

  • Biophotonic Manipulation

  • Reproductive Biology

  • Tissue and Cell Mechanics


Shang Wang