Your Class Schedule

Fall semester course registration for new students is slated for the end of July. Information on specific registration dates and detailed instructions will be shared in June. Student course scheduling is based on intended major and any AP/IB/college credits earned. To help with a seamless scheduling process, all major change requests must be sent to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions by June 30. The deadline to send in AP/IB credit is July 8. In some cases, students need to enroll in fewer than the required number of credits based on their academic circumstances. The Reduced Course Load Request requires approval from the academic advisor and the ISSS Team (for international students) for less than full-time enrollment in a particular semester. Information about academic advising along with contact information for academic advisors and the Office of Undergraduate Academics is available online at

Academic Support Center

The Academic Support Center (ASC) provides a wide range of academic services to undergraduate students. Services offered through the ASC include free tutoring for individuals and small groups and workshops on study and time management skills.

Writing and Communications Center

The Writing and Communications Center empowers students by helping them develop the written and oral communication skills essential to their success in academic coursework and beyond Stevens. With the help of peer and professional consultants, students become autonomous and capable writers.

Transfer Credits: AP, IB and College Coursework

Incoming first-year students may only receive up to 30 college credits toward a Stevens degree through College Board Advanced Placement (AP) examination scores, through International Baccalaureate examination scores (IB) or for college-level courses already taken while in high school, combinedIf you have completed greater than 30 credits cumulatively between AP, IB and college-level courses, please understand that while all courses may have equivalents at Stevens, you will only be able to apply 30 credits to your degree — prioritize coursework that will best apply to your degree program. Outlines of the degree programs can be found in the Academic Catalog.

AP Credit and IB Credit

Stevens participates in the Advanced Placement (AP) program of the College Entrance Examination Board.  Send your official AP Exam scores to Stevens through the College Board, using the school code 2819.  Visit our AP/IB and College Transfer Credit website for additional details. If you have any questions after reviewing this information, you can email us at

College Coursework

To submit courses from other colleges and universities for review, access your Stevens Workday Student account and follow these instructions.

Math Assessment

As part of our ongoing effort to improve the first-year learning experience in calculus, all incoming students scheduled to enroll in one of the calculus courses MA 120, MA 121, MA 122, MA 125 or MA 126 are required to complete an online math assessment over the summer. The results of this assessment provide us with a measure of preparedness in topics we consider to be essential for succeeding in a university calculus course. Please note that the results of your math assessment will not affect your option to enroll in MA 125 if you receive credit for the courses MA 121 and MA 122 by scoring a 4 or 5 on the AP Calculus exam. The math assessment is being administered through WebAssign, an online instructional platform and will be sent to new students earlier in the summer. We ask that you complete the assessments by the evening of Wednesday, July 12. We would like you to feel relaxed about this test, but it is in your best interests to make a sincere effort, so the results accurately reflect your mathematics background and experience.

Stevens Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar is publicly available here. The calendar provides dates for fall, spring and summer classes, planned University closures and holidays, final exam periods and registration dates.