In keeping with our mission, the Library creates workshops that promote information and media literacy, knowledge creation, global scholarly communication, and critical and creative thinking for the Stevens Community.

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Citation Management Tools

Your bibliography begins as soon as you've cited an article, and assembling it is an ongoing part of your writing process. This session will cover the citation tools available to you, and how to make sure that your bibliography accurately reflects the work that went into it.

Image Searching and Citation

A research paper, presentation or poster looks extra special with nice graphics and photos. Luckily, the Internet has a plethora of images to save and use. But beware, visual media like words, carry copyright protections, sometimes specific instructions on use, and need to be cited. This workshop will introduce you to tools to find images on the Internet that are safe to use and how to cite them in your research.

Literature Reviews and Annotated Bibliographies

This session will discuss how to assemble a comprehensive collection of pertinent references and how to turn those references into a clear narrative showing why your work is unique and important.

What's Your Impact: Citation Tracking

Your impact as a scholar is partly reflected in the effect your work has on others, as observed through citations. This session will discuss the traditional methods to track how others are citing you through databases as well as "altmetrics," which measure impact in social media.

Undergraduate Senior Thesis Workshop

For all students working on a senior thesis, this workshop will provide details about formatting & submission requirements.

Grad Student Thesis/Dissertation Workshop

For all students working on a thesis or dissertation, this workshop will provide details about formatting & submission requirements.