Using the Library

The Samuel C. Williams Library is a research and study facility for the Stevens Institute of Technology community.  Stevens is a private university; its facilities, including the Library, have the primary purpose of supporting Stevens’ educational and research programs. 

Who can use the Library:

The Library building is available for use by currently enrolled students, employed faculty and staff, and alumni (with a valid alumni ID card).


Library users will:

  • Interact with mutual respect and consideration.

  • Respect private and university property.

  • Use the Library resources (content, equipment, or facilities) safely and appropriately.

  • Swipe/Tap their Stevens ID card upon entering the Library and show valid identification upon request.

  • Comply with all requests made by Library staff.

  • Refrain from loud conversations and refrain from talking on cell phones. Use headphones when listening to devices. Please contact a library staff member regarding any concerns.

  • Maintain a safe and healthy environment by disposing of trash and recycling in appropriate receptacles and reporting spills to staff.

  • Abide by all university and library policies, licensing, and contractual agreements.

  • Place books on reshelving carts.

  • Request permission from the Library Director to film inside the Library to assure the privacy and comfort of students studying in the Library.  

Priority of use

  • Library resources and computers are primarily for academic use. Recreational use is permitted but during peak library use periods, priority use is given to non-recreational use of library resources and computers.

  • Due to limited seating during peak library use periods, students should not leave their belongings unattended on study tables, carrels, and seats. 

  • The Library reserves the right to request that students refrain from sleeping for extended periods of time, particularly at times when Library space is in heavy demand by students who are studying.  

Limits of use

  • Food is not permitted in the Library with the exception of America’s Cup Café. 

  • Covered beverages are permitted in the Library. Beverages are not permitted near Library computer hardware, books, and other materials.

To promote a safe Library for all, the following are prohibited:

  • Behaviors that threaten personal safety or the security of personal or university property.

  • Behaviors that violate the Stevens Policy on Discrimination and Harassment. 

  • Behaviors that interfere with the activities of other library users or staff, including but not limited to excessive noise, mobile phones, music, and hostility.

  • Behaviors that violate the Stevens Information Technology Use Policy. 

  • Tampering with computers, equipment, facilities, or any other library resources; this includes installing or downloading software or adding hardware to computers.

  • Smoking or vaping.

  • Alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs.

  • Animals.

  • Skates, skateboards, hoverboards, bicycles, scooters. Please refer to the Stevens Student Handbook for additional information.

The Samuel C. Williams Library may limit or refuse access to individuals or groups who fail to comply with these guidelines. Interpretation of policies or guidelines is at the discretion of the Library staff.This policy has been adapted from the MIT Libraries: Library Use Policy through a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License.

This policy was updated in August 2022.


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